Review // UNiDAYS Student Discount Site.

  Built for students, UNiDAYS is all about dishing out discounts to those who crave it most. (You know who you are.) No shame though, there's pride in spoiling yourself occasionally. We can all appreciate materialistic gratification in moderation. Being a student is hard enough, and financial security always comes with a cost; so why not lessen the hole in your wallet?

  I'm a bit of a grandma when it comes to trying to save the personal bank. I get the cheapest thing on the menu, refrain from buying full-priced clothes and even skimp on quenching my thirst - because water! Water is free! (Well, in some places.) I use coupons and loyalty cards where I deem fit, because what have I to lose? 

  Yet, with UNiDAYS it's instantaneous and simple to redeem discounts for all your favourite retailers. And get this: with no fuss. No meticulous calculations, excessive Googling or intricate planning to derive a holy discount code. They're all sitting there waiting for you, right at UNiDAYS. (Have a look for yourself.) And I'm not just talking about clothing retailers, but also discounts codes valid for Apple, InsureandGo, Optus, etc.
  Signing up is free! (And only takes a couple of minutes.) There's no extra baggage or unfair conditions involved, thankfully. After downloading the app I found it was fairly straightforward to navigate my way through various offers. For those no-nonsense, go-getters: the search function at the very top of the app homepage if your best friend! (It screams entitlement. "I want a discount. And I want it now.") Other tabs are neatly categorized in the hidden sidebar, too. You can either register online or via the UNiDAYS mobile app, and get to using their student discounts to your advantage – be it in-store or online.

  It's an excellent way to save a few bucks without going the extra mile. Once you browse their website I have no doubt you'll be convinced. It's a tad overwhelming at first, but you'll soon to come to realize it's the good kind. I know I'd love to be swarmed with the potential to save wherever possible.

  To keep up with updates, promotions and new offers, you can find UNiDAYS on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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